Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm going to do something a little different this time. I've just read this passage in a book and think it has the making of an intresting discussion. I'll quote it then open the floor to all you peeps out there. :) Let's see where this discussion takes us!

I think I'd rather be regarded as a mere luxury and self-indulgence then regarded sternly as a First Duty. I'd rather a man felt that he was enjoying himself looking after me than that he should feel I was a duty to be attended to.

Death in the Clouds
Agatha Christie

Friday, August 25, 2006

No Time To Blog.

I haven't been able to blog for a while. Way too much happening my end.

First, my laptop crashed, so I've lost a year's worth of stuff, all replacable really except for photos. I could *cry*. Those photos can never be replaced. I know, I know... I should have made back ups, but it's too late now. :(

I've planned out so many blog enteries. One I aimed to dedicate to my feline friend. I saved some quotes, some comics, some poems, all gone with the wind now.

Then I managed to get a temporary job of sorts. So that's been keeping me busy. I need to get up with the birds as work here starts pretty early. However, night's end late... So I've been living on an average off 6 hours of sleep. I think I am getting old... *creak* Perhap's that's my weary bones creaking... I remember a time I could live on 6 hours of sleep. Now, too many such days or should I say nights leave me feeling sick the next day.

Now I'm done winging, :) I can start penning out some 'real' blog enteries for my many fans out there.

Watch this space!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

TAG... I'm IT!

Farsh tagged me.
Who’s next? :s

* Alone, or with people?

Depends... there are times I love being in the midst of a crowd, family and friends spilling all over the place.

Other times I need solitude, some me time to re-energise myself for the hectic week ahead!

* Summer, or winter?

Neither... autumn's my season.

Autumn brings with it the richness and maturity of life.

The trees gently shedding their leaves, stripped bear for the world to see.
Leaves twirling in the wind, dancing to a rhythm unheard by us mere mortals.
We tread on a carpet of many hues embossed across our path; red, yellow, brown, orange, green.

Autumn brings with it fun and frolic.

Leaping into a puddle of leaves, sending them sprinkling into the air.
Hands seeking warmth, clutching sizzling, roasted chestnuts.
Curled up cosily with hot chocolate, hearing the wind roar outside.

The hues of autumn adding colour to our lives.

* Black, or white?

This should be obvious seeing as autumn's my favourite season… Red / Maroon. I can't have too many things in these shades!

* Observe, or get along from the very first moment?

I'm cautious by nature. I wait and watch... and trust my intuition.

* Clown, or Drama (Queen/King)?

Both! I can have everyone in stitches. I can also throw a real right royal tantrum when I choose! :D

* A Hummer, or A BMW convertible car?

Horse and Carriage. I like to travel in style! ;)

* Loyal or………

I'm loyal and expect others to be too. Can't stand hypocrites. I'd rather know upfront what to expect then have someone say one thing but mean another.

* Favourite Material Possession....

Everything! Yet material possessions are replaceable and so above all, I treasure my family and cat.

* When I look at someone, the first thing I see is....

Nothing! I’ve been told I have my head in the clouds and don’t notice things. I do try and get a 'feel' of the person. Later, as I get to know them better, I take in their looks.

* My Life Is...

This quote from While You Were Sleeping sums up my life...

"Dad always said, 'Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you plan it.' I just wish I'd realized at the time he was talking about MY life."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Intresting Strip...

The Match Making Game...

I seem to have not one, not two but three people who now want to play match makers... I'm not sure to :) or to :(. I have a feeling the number's growing...

I suppose I don't mind them match making as much as I object to the people they match make me with. I reckon it's easier all around if they ask what I'm looking for. Then have a go at the game.

I've had some weird people come knocking at my door.

One was a person on a very short visit here; all of 2 weeks. Not only was he job hunting, but it seems, bride hunting At what point do I find out he's interested? A day before he's due to leave the country. Which meant additional pressure... meet him before he leaves so you can decide. He really needs to know now.

Um.. hello! It doesn't quiet work that way. I'm supposed to be choosing a spouse not shopping for potatoes. I can't decide in one meeting that yes, he's the one! These things take time.

Apparently not.. it's just me being difficult...

There's other stuff that's important to me. I seem to meet people who don't share my beliefs. Nice as they may be, we appear poles apart.

I seem to have met a whole lot of Misters...

Mr. Irreligious-don’t know what Islam-is-and-don’t-care-either...

Mr. I’m-threatened-by-your-feminist-educated-views…

Mr. Bow-to-my-superior-views-cause-I’m-a-man…

Mr. I-can’t-support-you-and-our-kids-you-need-to-work…

Mr. I’m-so-shy-I’m-blushing-far-more-than-you-possibly-can…

A whole lot of other misters too…

Which brings me to the question...
How does one know who the right person is?

It’s said marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. Why then do our future spouse(s) not carry an ID?

Shame there's no *drum roll* and in walks… Mr. Right. You see him and the orchestra start playing your song. Better still, he has a sign around his neck saying he belongs to you. It would be so much easier to be sure.

All that happens is that you have the one, two, three or four meetings. Meetings arranged in a controlled environment. Meetings where you learn very little but what the person chooses to reveal. Meetings where everyone seem to be on their best behaviour…

Then you're asked to decide. To make only the biggest decision of your whole life...