Monday, July 17, 2006

Are we getting immune?

Today's papers are filled with images of children... little children. Some asleep, other’s awake, eyes wide open.

Asleep in eternal peace.

Awake to the horrors of war, displaying bloody wounds, a sign of carnage for all to see.

Dead children.

It's interesting to note how each of us reacts to those image.

Some see the papers.

See the poor, mutilated dead children.

Carry on with our meals and our lives.

Some of us loose our appetite, shed a tear. Each mouthful we eat reminding us of a family mourning the loss of an innocent child.


Farsh said...

Sometimes it’s not enough to just stop and shed a tear; something within calls you for taking a stand. Most of us are either too busy or are least bothered to heed to their inner voice. At that very moment our soul dies long before our final journey back to our Creator.

Caste, Color or Creed have no meaning when we converse about the tragic death of a child. If there is a scrap of humanity residing within, we will speak up and let our voices be heard. We would spread awareness about these disturbing events & images and strive for actions to cease such atrocities.

But Alas! We are too engrossed within our own dilemmas to hear the cry of those around us.

Sarah said...

I know what you mean... sometimes I feel people are becoming immune... I'll see sad images, and might be depressed for a while, but I carry on with my life... I don't know...

ps--you changed your template!! cool