Sunday, July 23, 2006

The battle begins...

If someone asks me what it is like to live under the shadow of cancer, I'm not sure I'd be able to answer.

There are so many different hues and shades in the palette known as cancer.

The first time someone you love is diagnosed as suffering from cancer can be a terrible experience. There's disbelief. Your pretty sure the Doctors have messed up the results and are incompetent. You demand second opinions and further investigations. You are in denial.

But then comes acceptance. Accepting the fact that yes, maybe the Doctor is right, and maybe he knows what he's talking about. Maybe.

You start to Google and to read up everything you can get your hands on. Information is power. Even though the Doctor managed to get his diagnosis right, you need to verify every action he takes.

With acceptance comes a declaration of war... The battle has begun...


Sarah said...

all your posts have been about cancer. I guess someone in your family has cancer :( So sorry to hear. My father might have colon cancer, they aren't too sure yet, gonna run more tests next month. We'll see.

Quite frankly, if I found out I had caner (God forbid), I wouldn't want to go for chemotherapy etc etc. I'd want to live my life as though I don't have it, and if I happen to die, then fine. But I wouldn't want to be confined to a hospital and get weaker and weaker.

widad said...

Yet chemo can be quite successful. Some people go in remission whilst ohers need to undergo chemo again.