Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blog vs. Conversation

Reminds me of something I heard on the BBC...

This wife comes home and sees her husband on the internet.

She speaks to him, but he’s like "um", "uhuh", "ah". So he's acknowledging her, but not really listening.

Exasperated, she insists he converse with her.

He insists she read his blog. After all, it saves time on face to face conversation, proves his ability to be amusing, to glorify trivial happenings, builds up his hits and proves his popularity.

She refuses.

He promptly enters in a new topic based on his wife.

She’s annoyed and decides to podast her spat with her husband.

He agrees to talk to her.

They look at each other… and mutually agree to continue working on their laptops.


Farsh said...

So you say its a new mode of communication. I think its a case of two people living together out of necessity.They dont want to live together yet are compelled to stay together because they know that individually they will not be able to survive...

When they mutually agree to work on their laptop .. does that mean they go along doing their individual stuff or create a chatroom probably entitled "Jack&Jill" and settle out their differences there :)

My Boss has his wife blocked on his MSN, i asked him why.. He replied "I come to the office to come away from the damn woman, i unblock her and the nagging will start again".

widad said...

Perhaps it's the Jack & Jill. I'mnot sure, it was a short radio drama. The BBC has some really good ones.