Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Forgetful Me...

Yesterday was awful...

I left home in a rush and went to meet some of my cousins. Had a blast. Made some plans. Laughed a lot. Almost shared a few tears!

Then... at 1 AM, I discover, I'd left my keys at home. Luckily, I managed to get a spare set off someone at 3 AM, after waking a couple of people in the process.

I couldn't sleep... too much on my mind. So at 5 AM I'm sitting writing crap poetry. Still need to work on it. I'll paste it here though.


Tired and worn out,
entered my house.

Dying for a cuppa,
some tea to unwind.

Relaxed and rejuvenated,
I look about.

Amazed to discover,
the signs of stress.

Keys in the fridge,
my used mug in the bin.

The cat on my bed,
me on her mat.


Farsh said...

So at 5 AM I'm sitting writing crap poetry.

I think you have beautifully illustrated your day and its definitely NOT CRAP

A Few questions do come to mind :

1> What tea did you drink that made you overcome all the stress from the misplayed key episode? I regularly misplace my mobile.. i need the help to calm the nerves :)

2> I hope you were comfy in the mat.. cause i am sure the cat was comfy in the bed.

Finally,I hope you never have a day like this again but i am sure in a few years when you look back at it again you will have a good laugh.

widad said...

Lol, :).

1) Any tea works for me. A nice hot cup, the warmth for comfort, inhaling the smell, relaxing, eyes closed... :)

2) I'm sure she was. She's my spoilt kitty. I guess my place proved ti be on her mat.

It is a laugh... now.

Yesterday, it was just too many things going on. Some not too good news, a not working mobile (which means I was cut off), etc.

widad said...



Sarah said...

I wish I had a cat to come home to after a bad day :( Look on the bright side, you have one!! InshAllah in a little over a month... *sigh*

widad said...

:) Yes, I'm lucky I have my cat. She's adorable.