Friday, August 25, 2006

No Time To Blog.

I haven't been able to blog for a while. Way too much happening my end.

First, my laptop crashed, so I've lost a year's worth of stuff, all replacable really except for photos. I could *cry*. Those photos can never be replaced. I know, I know... I should have made back ups, but it's too late now. :(

I've planned out so many blog enteries. One I aimed to dedicate to my feline friend. I saved some quotes, some comics, some poems, all gone with the wind now.

Then I managed to get a temporary job of sorts. So that's been keeping me busy. I need to get up with the birds as work here starts pretty early. However, night's end late... So I've been living on an average off 6 hours of sleep. I think I am getting old... *creak* Perhap's that's my weary bones creaking... I remember a time I could live on 6 hours of sleep. Now, too many such days or should I say nights leave me feeling sick the next day.

Now I'm done winging, :) I can start penning out some 'real' blog enteries for my many fans out there.

Watch this space!


Sarah said...

Finallyyyyyy.... The blogging world has been dead for some time. Even I wasn't able to blog for two weeks or so, mainly due to moving, settling in and homesickness. Now my classes begin Monday. I wonder how much time I'll have!! Let's see.

Sorry to hear about the photos :( That really sucks... :(

-Floo- said...

it sucks when all your photos get deleted ... it the worst thing that could ever happen to me! :(

hey y'know SC got blocked in Dubai :'( how are you going there now??

oh by the way tis sk00n from SC

Farsh said...

^ Shiachat blocked!!

I think you are mistaken.. works for me.

Farsh said...

Widad, Nice to see that your writer's block has ended :)

Take my advice : put an advert in the classifields & get rid of that junk and buy something more reliablelike an IBM :)

I hope you manage to retrieve most of your photos :)

-Floo- said...

^ Shiachat blocked!!

I think you are mistaken.. works for me.

when i posted that comment it was blocked .. but now its okay ..
I hope they dont block it ever *cry*

widad said...

*floo* Hope you have a safe journey to Iraq and back. :)

-Floo- said...

Thanks, Sis! <3