Monday, March 26, 2007

Connected yet drifting apart...

These days there seems to be very little 'family' time. People living in the same house often need to 'schedule' some time to get together. Days go by and except for 'Good Morning' and 'Sweet Dreams', there's no time to say anything else. Meals are consumed alone or on the run.

Work, college, the Mosque, errands, chores... There's an endless list of requirements to keep you on your toes and off someone else's!

Sometimes, they only time one gets together is in the car. Sometimes I thank heaven for traffic! The time spent stuck in a traffic jam give me the opportunity to chill and catch up. Discuss. Re-connect.

My pet peeve is the mobile. Eventually, I'm sure, mobiles will follow us to our grave! Family time in the car gets set aside with mobile calls perusing one determinedly through the journey. Refusing to be set aside at each destination.

Somehow... the more 'connected' we are, the less 'connected' we seem.


neuroticnoon said...


Hope your well

I know what you mean i've been working away for a couple of weeks and the only time we get to catch up is when i've been woken for fajr and via text. I think soon we'll be considering our phones family.

btw heard about the dubai underground system sounds like it might be the end of traffic jams or am I to much of a optimist?


widad said...

Hey there, long time no hear! I know what you mean about pressed for time. I've had guests for a few months and what with work, Muharram & some personal commitments, they only time I'm 'home' is bed time. :S

The road work has created traffic jams, so yes, lol, it'll be this way till 2010 when most of the Metro is exected to be up and running.

Anonymous said...

A'salamu alaykum Widad :)

A very relevant post :)

It's so wonderfull when you've just written something, and then come accross someone else who felt the same way :)

Very nice :)